Hi I'm Brooke Keadle, the club president! I'm a sophomore plant science horticulture and production major here at UT. I'm also a member of Zeta Tau Alpha. I work for the UT extension office, and one day I hope to do agronomy research and change the world.


Brooke Keadle


Rudi is an enthusiastic plant science major with a concentration in public horticulture. She is currently pursuing Horticulture Therapy Works at Wilson Fine Gardens in Knoxville. This summer, she plans to intern at the Windmill Island Gardens in Holland Michigan.


Rudi Wimberley

IMG_1223 2.JPG

Caleb is a freshman bio major with concentrations in Micro and EEB.  He currently works at the UTIA Bsal Lab and the Kivlin Microbial Ecology Lab. He hopes to eventually pursue a career in conservation biology and work with endangered species. 


Caleb Keoho



Ben Pritchard


Social Media Coordinator

Lana Howe

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